Sunday, August 10, 2008

Secrets....for everyone?

Last week flew by so quickly! To be honest, I don't really remember much of what I did except for working at the theatre, hanging out with Rachel (different Rachel from before, this one is from one of my internships...we're also in a facebook relationship), Emma, and Laura, and watching a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Oh, and moving into Rachel's dorm because my brother came back and sort of left me with no place to sleep.

I've been spending most of my recent weeks with Rachel, Emma, and Laura. Emma and Laura are two girls from England who are interning at the same theatre as Rachel and I are. Rachel and I became friends last month after I had an adventure that involved alcohol, suspenders, and Williamsburg. All three of them are really awesome. (Hi girls!)

I think I'm going to change directions of this post though.

I had decided when I first started writing in this blog that I wasn't going to give out the address, that it was going to be a blog for me and if people happened to find it then so be it. Then I decided that I should give it to one person who knew me in real life so that I would feel like someone knew about it and then it wasn't really a secret. So I told a friend from school, and my cousin, two people in completely separate parts of my life. Then, I told Rachel about it (I think I was drunk, I'm not quite sure though). Then I asked permission to use people's names in it. Then I mentioned that I had a blog to other people, but didn't give them the link. And I have come to this conclusion:

I suck at keeping (most of) my own secrets.

I'm really good at keeping other people's secrets, but when it comes to my own...the cat is ALWAYS out of the bag. I have a crush on someone? Everyone knows. I'm not doing well in a class? Even information that shouldn't really be shared with people is common knowledge! It's frustrating because I plan on keeping things to myself, but somehow they end up shared.

The example I can think of most (besides the blog thing) is my cruisefling. (Ha, more sharing. Oh well.) I went on a cruise back in December to celebrate my grandparents 60th anniversary (seriously amazing) and my Grandmother's 80th birthday. I love the piano and anyone who can play it. (I've mentioned this.) I went to the piano bar on the first night of the cruise, and the piano player and I hit it off, one thing led to another and voila! A cruisefling was born. When I got back from the trip I decided that I wanted to keep it to myself, not tell anyone. It was my business, why should I share it? That didn't last for long. I think two days after I had gotten back more than half of my friends knew. And when I share a "secret," I kind of become obsessive about it. So I was talking about it a lot. Again, I think I've shared this.

Anyway, I suck at keeping my own secrets.

Here's something that shouldn't be kept a secret though: a blog about the new subway scrabble contest. Check it. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely the same way. I can't keep my own secrets, and then once I share them, I obsess over them.

My excuse is that I have so many thoughts in my head that something has to be sacrificed, and I'm too loyal to share other people's secrets, so I end up sharing my own. :o)

Lauren said...

Ugh, I can't keep my own secrets either. AT ALL!

Thanks for checking out my blog and for all the kind words! I had no clue, but i'm definitely subscribing to yours now. :)

So@24 said...

I'm convinced that all bloggers (no matter how anon we try to be) have a bit of narcissism in us. Why else would we display our writing for the world to see?

So it's understandable that it leaks out. I started out completely anonymous, but now I have a handful of friends who have either stumbled upon it... or I told them while drunk.

It happens. It's a part of blogging.