Saturday, May 29, 2010

Love Letters

I have never had a love letter written to me. I don't blame that on anyone that I've dated, though. The fact is, most of the guys I've dated haven't exactly been writer-ly inclined. (Yeah, I know that's not a word. Oh well.)

I think the closest I ever came was a note from a guy named Dustin who I had met through MySpace. We were sitting at a park on the playground right after we met when he tore a piece of paper out of my journal and wrote something along the lines of "girl, why you so fly?" Really classy, right? I definitely swooned. Ah, the days of high school and MySpace love. And safety.

None of my boyfriends in high school really wrote much, and none of my boyfriends in college really did/do either. Which is fine, they were all into other, acting, directing, science, being suicidal...Yeah, good times.

Anyway, the reason I was thinking about this was because I watched Sex and the City with Luke tonight. I haven't really seen much of the series (save for my summer in New York when I would stay up late watching episodes online because I had little else to do), but I enjoyed the movie. In it, Carrie is reading a book of love letters to do research for her newest book, and she asks her boyfriend if he has ever written her a love letter. He says no, because they've always been together, and people who write love letters were separated by wars or hundreds of miles.

I just found it interesting to think about. How many people actually get love letters these days?


Kris said...

I had a boyfriend who regularly composed letters, which definitely made some of them love letters. It did the job, though. Being a girl of words, especially the written, it would've been hard to ignore my appreciation for them.

Most of them came from when we were living in the same place.

Kelsey said...

Steven actually used to write me love letters that were pretty sweet. Usually when he knew I didn't feel well, or was having a bad day he'd write me something cute to get me through the day, but I definitely remember him writing me one before I went to New York the summer we dated. It's nice to have something tangible to read and re-read when you miss someone, but James isn't really a write and I don't mind at all. He does sing me songs daily that make my heart smile for hours on end.