Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Your Invisible Pixie

Why "Your Invisible Pixie"?

My senior year in high school, I had a friend named Dru. She had friends from outside of school, a girl she used to dance with (Allie) and a guy who I'm not quite sure how she met (Eric). One night, the four of us went out to a local pizza place that had karaoke every friday night. Somehow we got on the topic of people looking like animals. (Personally, I think that everyone somehow looks like a cat and/or a mouse. I'm not sure how that works exactly, but...whatever.) Allie decided to give all of us animals that we resembled. I don't remember what she told Dru and Eric they looked like, but she told me I looked like a pixie. I don't think a pixie is an animal, per se, but I took it because it was cute. I've remembered it for awhile.

I also think that I have a tendency to be invisible - I don't contribute to conversations very often in fear of sounding stupid. I also don't like to repeat something someone else says. When I'm in classes, I don't raise my hand unless I am absolutely 99.9% sure that I'm able to explain anything I say, or that it is something that hasn't been said that class yet. Even when I'm with friends, if they're all laughing and telling stories I tend to sit quietly and listen to what they say. If I'm one on one with someone I can have an actual conversation, but in large groups I get nervous and don't say much. So that's invisible.

And I could be yours. You never know. Eh.

Sort of a crap post for now, but my brain hurts. Too many hershey's kisses, not enough real food.


Anonymous said...

One and only one thing to say.... you can never have too many hersheys kisses :) Have one on me... and keep blogging the great posts! Its good to learn background and history of bloggers - it will become obvious in the long term :)

Tiff said...

Keep eating the chocolate! The whole deciding what animals people look like part made me laugh a lot--we spent all of freshman year doing that to people on campus. My roommate is a mouse. =)

brandy said...

I'm definitely going to start looking at the people around me and try to determine what 'animal' they would be. I'm pretty sure I would be named something weird- so congrats on getting the cute pixie title!

Kelsey said...

i seeeeee you...

not in the creepy im-right-outside-your-window way, but in the i don't think you're invisible way.