Friday, February 6, 2009


I know I already did the list of 25 things a couple months ago (it was more than 25 and less numbered), but I am feeling a bit narcissistic and a little less creative. So here are 25 more things about me that I have yet to tell you.

1. Salty things make me sneeze. So does the sun.

2. If I am sent an email or tagged in a note on facebook, I look at the list of people that you contact and see where I fall in the list. On facebook its a little more random because its generated how you think of people, but I notice who you thought of before me and who you thought of after me.

3. I would love to take a long walk in the rain if I had no possessions on me. Even if its cold.

4. I love wearing dresses, but don't own any that I feel comfortable wearing to school. I also really like getting dressed up. I don't, however, like wearing heels, even though they make me closer to normal height.

5. I don't remember ever really being bothered by the fact that I am short.

6. I censor myself a lot. I don't like to speak up in class because I feel like everyone will think what I say is stupid or wrong, even if I know I have the right answer. I've lost a lot of participation points because of this.

7. I have never bonded with anyone as quickly as I bonded with Rachel while I was in New York. I miss her a lot.

8. If I get yelled at or snapped at by someone, I tend to sulk for awhile. Especially if it comes out of nowhere. When I was about 12 and at summer camp, I was looking through a song book for the words that the songleader was singing, and he stopped and took my music book away. I almost started crying. After he finished the song he gave me the book back. I also kind of put up a wall towards the person for a few days, and I don't know how to break it down.

9. I have always loved broccoli and mushrooms.

10. I have a horrible memory for things that actually matter (like school or things from my childhood), but I can remember where a book is on my bookshelf or what color the handles on the cabinets are in a house that I haven't seen in years.

11. I compulsively buy books even if I have ten that I haven't read yet. And I normally have about that many.

12. I don't feel like I open up to that many people, so when I get stressed out I tend to keep it to myself. Or if I do tell someone, I don't tell them everything, which just kind of makes it worse.

13. I have been thinking about moving to Chicago after I graduate, but I don't know when, since I want to travel first. I also might go teach English in Israel for a year, but that thought completely scares me.

14. I get jealous of people who are close with their extended families, because I don't feel like I am.

15. Talking on the phone makes me nervous, but I've been trying to get better. It's difficult though, because not many people like talking on the phone these days. We all mostly text message or email.

16. Sometimes I write things that I don't mean to be funny, but when someone else reads it they'll tell me its hilarious. And then I see that it is. Sometimes.

17. I watch way too many tv shows, but I don't think I can stop. I am too emotionally involved with a lot of them. Also, I sometimes cry while watching certain shows.

18. I used to be obsessed with glitter. I wore it on my eyes, in my hair, on my cheeks, everywhere. For my friend's birthday I wanted to get her a thing of glitter because I liked it so much, but my mom told me that she didn't think it was a good idea. After that I wore a lot less of it, but I still love it.

19. The only concerts I've been to are N*SYNC, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Soul2Soul (all three nights it was in LA), Taylor Swift/LeeAnn Rimes, Panic! at the Disco/Fall Out Boy, and Jack's Mannequin.

20. I slept with a nightlight and my door open until I left for college. Now when I go home, my room has to be completely dark and my doors (room and closet) have to be closed or I can't fall asleep. I also keep my room pretty dark when I'm at school, except for when I'm so tired that I fall asleep with my light on.

21. I like to try and make people feel better, even if I am not feeling that great myself. I also have a hard time not helping people when they ask, unless I absolutely can't. I also tend to buy things for people, even when I don't really have the money to. When I was in high school my mom thought I was trying to buy my friends. I guess I kind of was.

22. I don't typically like nuts, but I love eating honey roasted peanuts and peanut m&ms.

23. Seeing me hyper and seeing me drunk are usually the same experience, minus the alcohol, but I don't think I get hyper that often anymore.

24. I really like surprises, but I always find out about them beforehand. Much less surprise-like if you know about it. My fourth grade birthday party was a surprise, ruined by my best friend, and my 19th birthday party was a surprise, ruined by a text message.

25. For my 21st birthday, my brother gave me a "make your own umbrella kit" box with a Polyphonic Spree cd inside. I thought the make your own umbrella kit was the present, and I was actually really excited. My brother told me normal people don't get excited over stuff like that. I'm not normal. That's also exciting.


So@24 said...

A girl that loves mushrooms is "A-okay" in my book.

What kind of sneezing attack happens when you are presented with a pretzel?

Rachel said...

I'm really sensitive about people yelling at me. I get extremely nervous when there's even a chance it's coming.

Actually, now that I think about it, I've been close to crying after being beeped at a couple times.

Kelsey said...

i love broccoli, dresses, and honey roasted peanuts...but not necessarily in that order...